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CitySurnameStart dateEnd date
BerlinIda Gard19.02.201619.02.2016
BerlinMario Barth - Premium Package19.02.201619.02.2016
BerlinMario Barth -Premium Seat19.02.201619.02.2016
BerlinCarolin Kebekus - Neues Programm19.02.201619.02.2016
BerlinMario Barth - Premium Package20.02.201620.02.2016
BerlinMario Barth -Premium Seat20.02.201620.02.2016
BerlinBastian Bielendorfer: Das Leben ist kein Pausenhof...20.02.201620.02.2016
BerlinAndy McKee28.02.201628.02.2016
BerlinPawel Popolski: Der wissen der Wenigste...01.03.201601.03.2016
BerlinSarah Connor - Premium Package01.03.201601.03.2016
BerlinTobias Sammet's Avantasia04.03.201604.03.2016
BerlinThe Bar at Buena Vista - Grandfathers of Cuban Mus...07.03.201607.03.2016
BerlinMusikparade - Das Marchingband-Festival -Premium...12.03.201612.03.2016
BerlinFatih Cevikkollu15.03.201615.03.2016
BerlinRevolverheld: MTV Unplugged in drei Akten - Live17.03.201617.03.2016
BerlinDie Prinzen18.03.201618.03.2016
BerlinABBA The Show - Die größte ABBA-Tribute-Show der W...19.03.201619.03.2016
BerlinPrinz Pi19.03.201619.03.2016
BerlinShow Ballett Todes 2016 01.04.201601.04.2016
BerlinDie schönsten Opernchöre11.04.201611.04.2016
Berlina-ha - Premium Seat13.04.201613.04.2016
Berlina-ha - Premium Package13.04.201613.04.2016
BerlinMax Greger- Zu Max Greger sen. 90igsten Geburtstag...18.04.201618.04.2016
BerlinThe Last Night of dIRE sTRAITS - performed by Brot...26.04.201626.04.2016
BerlinWolfgang Trepper26.04.201626.04.2016
BerlinGastro Plus - ÖVB Arena Bremen29.04.201629.04.2016
BerlinAmigos: Danke Freunde - Tournee 201601.05.201601.05.2016
BerlinCircus meets Africa13.05.201613.05.2016
BerlinNiedeckens BAP - Jubiläumstour20.05.201620.05.2016
BerlinScott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox25.05.201625.05.2016
BerlinHerbert Grönemeyer07.06.201607.06.2016
BerlinHerbert Grönemeyer - Premium Seat - Waldbühne 07.06.201607.06.2016

Hotel Nordhausen - Modernes Business- & Urlaubshotel am Harz

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  • Rooms


The Hotel Nordhausen offers you the choice between Standard rooms with a single bed, Family Rooms with place for 4 persons as well as spacious Suites  with King and Queen Size double beds. All 41 of our hotel rooms are non-smoking.

Wi-Fi in all rooms allows free internet access 24/7.


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  • Business


The Hotel Nordhausen allows you the perfectly possibility to organize meetings, conferences – but also festivities. Our breakfast room can quickly built into a seperate room. The tables and chairs can be formed after your wishes. We offer you free WiFi in the whole hotel.
Use the bus or the train to reach your appointment. The central station is only 200m away from our hotel. So you can reach quickly and easily the city centre. After a busy day you can relax in your comfortable room. If the meeting needs more time: our reception is open from 6:30 am till midnight. We offer you here tasty snacks ans drinks.

  • Fully relaxed
Fully relaxed

Fully relaxed

Enjoy a relaxing time here in the Hotel Nordhausen. Whether you travel on your own, with your family, friends or in a big group.


Lean back with a cup of coffee in the afternoon or sip a exotic cocktail in the evening. Every day our cosy lobby lounge is a place to stay. Drinks and snacks are available from 06:30 in the morning until midnight.

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